The Dark Princess Excerpt
        "You are a dead man," the prince warned before grabbing the man's arms and pulling him away from Cassandra. Without his supporting arm, Cassandra crumbled to the ground as darkness engulfed her.
        Disbelief that the prince could be so strong was the last thought that crossed Igor's mind before he heard the bones in his neck snap and felt his life ebb from his body.
        Dmitri let the body fall from his hands and tenderly gathered Cassandra in his arms. The smell of blood filled his nostrils as he held her close. Becca stayed behind to assist Ivan with placing the body in the carriage. As soon as they completed their task she hurried up the stairs to her mistress' chamber. Dmitri already had her laid upon her bed and was removing her clothing when Becca arrived. Cassandra lay unconscious, the color of her face ashen.
        "Get away," Dmitri growled as Becca
moved closer. Placing his arm around her shoulder, Ivan gently guided the distraught servant from the room.
        Each layer of clothing the prince removed was soaked with her blood. When he finally bared the wound, he stared down at it for a moment in dismay. Cassandra had not been cut with the knife as he had hoped; she had been stabbed. The cut's diameter was not very large, only about four inches across, but it was deep. Although not a doctor, when he noticed a trickle of blood running from her mouth, he knew the knife had punctured one of her lungs.
        "Cassandra, wake up," he commanded softly. Cassandra's eyes fluttered open. She moaned causing more blood to spray from her mouth. "Cassandra, I am going to do something that will make you well," he told her. "I had planned on giving you the choice in another year, now neither of us has one.
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