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Sequel to The Dark Princess:
Cassandra awakes in the 16th century, to find herself completely alone. As she strives to find out what happened to Dmitri, the man she loves beyond reason, she must learn to survive in a civilization far removed from the simple life they had led 3 centuries earlier. Learning that Dmitri has returned to his ancesteral home, Cassandra follows where he led. Soon, she comes face to face with the man who created Dmitri.  Will their love be able to endure this new and diabolical test fate has thrown at them?
What are Selkies? In long ago Scotland, seals were a very common sight across the Ornkey islands. These shape-shifters had the ability to transform from seals into beautiful, lithe humans.

Our story is about the life of a tiny infant found abandoned on the church steps of a small fishing town in the Ornkey islands. The townsfolk knew her father well, a very successful fisherman, who was killed in a boating accident at sea. The townsfolk cannot understand how her beautiful mother, a stranger to the town, could just abandon her lovely daughter. No one saw the woman place her daughter on the church steps and then sneak to the ocean, the night after her husband's death, carrying a small bundle of seal fur.
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        When a mysterious Russian Prince happened to view the beautiful Cassandra standing at the railing of the ship, he falls in love with her on first sight. Determined to protect her, Dmitri foils the horrendous plans her father has and takes the young woman under his protection.

        Cassandra cannot help but notice that something is not quite normal in Dmitri's castle. Even with the mystery surrounding her, she begins to fall for the handsome man who is now her guardian.

        After a nearly fatal accident, Dmitri has no choice but to reveal his dark secret. Now, Cassandra must decide if she is willing to give up her soul for the man who has already staked a claim on her heart!
The Dark Princess ...
        I am still working on the synopsis - it should be available soon.
Wild Highland Wind ...
The Dark Princess Excerpt
Wild Highland Wind Excerpt
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Blank Excerpt
Blank Excerpt
Blank Excerpt