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Reviews for 'The Dark Princess'
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The Dark Princess Reviews
Wild Highland Wind Reviews
Donna J. Schmidt
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A Romance Review. January 2004 by Kari.
Rating: 4 Flowers
... This is a very interesting twist to the vampire genre, and Ms. Schmidt has penned a fast paced read that is guaranteed a happy-ever-after ending, yet leaves readers wondering if some of her secondary characters will one day get their own stories too.
A Romance Review
Betsie's Literary Page. April 17, 2004 by Betsie.
... The Dark Princess is a strong, rich, and original piece of writing. The blend of the erotic and the horrific is true to the spirit of the original Dracula.
     Vivid descriptions easily carry the reader, as I soon found myself traveling through another time dimension. It was a dimension of not only sight and sound, but of mind.
     Someone please take the sign down, I do believe we found a new and improved Ann Rice! The author, Donna J. Schmidt has done a superb job of storytelling setup the radar, this is certainly one author to keep an eye on.
Betsie's Literary Page
April 24, 2004 by Hellon L. Hilton from Thrall, TX USA
I really loved this, it keeps the reader interested through the entire book and wanting more at the end. I look forward to a possible sequel.
May 19, 2004 by Alan M. Carroll from Hampton, VA USA
The Dark Princess is a spell binding tale that keeps the reader on their seat unable to put the book down. The characters are almost alive and the story draws one in. Donna Schmidt has created a story that is not only well written but demands a sequel. The book will leave the reader sated yet still hungry for more.
June 24, 2004 - Reviewed by Donna Laird, Author of "Forever Yours"
The Duke of Eton was relieved to be getting rid of the fifteen year old girl that wasn't really his true daughter. He had promised his old friend Harry Davenport the honor of Cassandra's hand in marriage. Harry had left England and settled in Russia several years before. So the Duke and Cassandra would be traveling by ship from England to the City of Tver in Russia. Once in the home of Harry Davenport the Duke makes plans for Cassandra that are evil to say the least. But before his plan of seduction can become a reality, Cassandra is rescued by a man named Prince Dmitri Donskoy. Prince Donskoy is at times called the Dark Prince. He takes Cassandra into his home realizing she is the one woman he could spend eternity with, but first he must tell her his dark secret. Can Cassandra come to grips with the shocking truth of who and what Dmitri is? Will her own love for him be enough to help with the changes her life must take? Donna J. Schmidt has woven a tale of passion, life and making choices that will change one life for all eternity. I highly recommend The Dark Princess as a must read. Fall in love with Cassandra and Dmitri as they fall in love and find true happiness. I can't wait to read more of this Schmidt's work.
July 4, 2004 - Reviewed by Sean, Oregon
A wonderful novel by Donna J. Schmidt. The Dark Princess is a great piece of work. It's a beautiful novel, with vivid characters and brilliant writing style throughout. To say I've enjoyed The Dark Princess would be an understatement. The Dark Princess is a wonderful novel.
July 12, 2004 - Reviewed by Nicole Getridge, Author of "Shielded Heart" and "Captured Heart"
     What would you do for the one you love? Would you give up your soul? Would you become one of the undead? In Donna J. Schmidt's novel, "The Dark Princess" she ask us this question.
     The story begins with Cassandra, who is 15, her maid servant Becca and her father Duke Eton, who are on a journey to Russia where Cassandra will meet her future husband. But upon her arrival her father and Lord Davenport, the man she was promised to, have other ideas in mind for young Cassandra.
     But just as they are about to carry out their devious plan a stranger comes to Cassandra's rescue and sweeps Cassandra away to his castle, Dragon Bluff. There Cassandra is given the responsibility of taking care of the castle and it's staff. Her host, Prince Dmitri Donskoy is a peculiar man. But Cassandra is unaware that her savior is anything but what he seems.
    Years pass and Cassandra is happy in her new life. But soon disaster strikes when a knife is plunged into Cassandra by a potential suitor. To save her life Prince Dmitri offers her eternal life as one of the undead. Passion ignites between the two and a eternal love is forged.
     Donna J. Schmidt has written a book about the darker side of love and the sacrifices one can be willing to make for the sake of love. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a romance with passion, suspense and has a thirst for blood.
July 21, 2004 - Reviewed by Danielle Hiner, Author of "Mommy Can I Play with Tommy"
The Dark Princess is every womans' fantasy spelled out in print. It truly is a book that you will be unable to put down. Donna J. Schmidt has a remarkable descriptive skill. The reader can easily feel the events happening and envision the surroundings that are being described. The two main characters of The Dark Princess are Princess Cassandra and Prince Dmitri. As Cassandra matures into a young women the reader can feel her innocence and identify with her. When she finds the love of her life Prince Dmitri, you can't help but feel their passion. They share an unspoken connection that woman dreams of finding. This novel has it's twists and turns that will have you intrigued. I commend Donna J. Schmidt on her abilities to write such a wonderful read. This is a novel I will not be satisfied reading only once.
August 24, 2004 - Reviewed by Debi Salanitro, CCR Reviewer
        Rescued from an abusive life at the hands of her father, Cassandra embarks on a tour of new adventures. After nearly being raped by her father, and then rescued by the mysteriously handsome Prince Dmitri, Cassandra begins to learn about life all over again. After three years, and on the eve of her 18th birthday the young lady has found herself in love with the good prince and him with her. The real adventures begin after their wedding. Cassandra learning about her new life, how to handle it and what it means in the grand scheme of things as well as their need to assimilate with normal day to day life. Suspicions come and go regarding who and what Cassandra and Dmitri are, and all are handled with great care and intimate detail. Join Cassandra and Dmitri in this richly descriptive novel about life, love and deception. I look forward to seeing more from this author!
August 30, 2004 by April Blaiser, Charlotte NC
I read about 56 books each year. This will be my pick of the year for 2004!! Could not put the book down and had some very interesting twists. Looking forward to the next book!
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Reviews for 'Wild Highland Wind'
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